Sunday, August 15, 2021

Blogs, Websites, along with Content - Which in turn Combination is the most suitable?

Blogs, websites, and article writing are three tools that needs to be taken seriously if you're new to Internet marketing. Each subject is essential and essential, and shouldn't be neglected. However, which tool is the most crucial? In the event that you are likely to use all three tools, how will you mix them and in what manner can you prioritize their use?

Without some type of web presence you don't exist online, so it's confirmed that you must have a domain name and a hosting company so people will get your website or blog. Whether it's an internet site or even a blog, you must start something. Regarding which can be best, is likely to be addressed later in this piece.

That leaves articles and article marketing. Allow me to say from the onset that article marketing is the strong horse in this race. It is true that writing articles is not always easy - even for experienced writers. Sometimes a writer knows he or she should write something but is struck using what is recognized as 'writer's block' ;.They only don't know what to create about, or when they do determine the topic they don't understand how to start it, and sometimes even how to finish it.

All writers will concur that article marketing is vital if you wish to develop a presence and a profile on the web. But writing articles can be a skill, and one which can be developed over time. If you should be intent on article marketing and haven't yet made a start - make one now. In time it'll return traffic and ultimately dollars for your efforts - in the event that you apply yourself to it consistently.

If you should be a newcomer don't be intimidated by the high standards the content sites will require of you. This is a great thing - a good thing, as it will cause you to step around their standards, and will improve your writing abilities. One article writing site may even send you free training e-mails on the best way to improve your writing skills - and that is so cool.

Article writing is really a sure-fire way to develop a voice to be heard on the Internet, and can be a good way to operate a vehicle traffic and visitors to your website or blog. If you should be a constant article writer, over a few months of effort you may find that you have a slew of articles on various subjects, and these are now being read, gradually sending traffic to your site. So, whether you have an internet site or even a blog, always write articles.

Now, which can be better - an internet site or even a blog? Well, when I first started in the Internet marketing 'experience' I knew almost no about website design. As I was marketing or 'publishing' affiliate products, I spent the initial few months focusing on building the website. I'd experiment with designing it, and as I added affiliate products to your website, it would be in a continuing state of change. It had been in the midst of designing and building the web site that I came across article marketing, and as you can see from the last paragraphs that I quickly became a huge fan.

As I started to submit my articles for publication I came across several articles would be rejected for grammar or spelling and punctuation errors, errors that have been easily fixed, and once the content was resubmitted the articles were accepted for publication.

However, I came across that there were several rejections on the grounds that the content connected to an internet site that didn't have 'enough informative content' or contained 'excessive advertising' ;.This stopped me dead in my tracks. Honestly, I didn't know what to do. You see, being new to online marketing I had designed the index or webpage of your website to be as simple as possible, containing links to the category pages of many affiliate products I was marketing for them. Then it dawned on me that the content marketing sites seem to favor blogs because of the informative content they contain.

Now this leads me back to the question of whether an internet site or even a blog is best - and ultimately to the solution I came across after much soul-searching. I didn't wish to sacrifice most of the months of work I had done on building the web site to abandon it for a new blog site. Earlier I had added a weblog to the web site, but that was all it had been -- a supplement - an afterthought.

Then I rediscovered 'WordPress' and newly discovered the fantastic WordPress theme called 'Thesis' ;.Sure, I had to get Thesis, but allow me to tell you, it had been worth every dollar I spent on it. WordPress offers plenty of free themes, but you're limited by what you certainly can do as a newcomer who might not know HTML, PHP, and CSS code, so Thesis opened a whole new world for me. Thesis is basically Word Press for folks who do not know code, and it generates them look like they know what they are doing. Most those who discover Thesis like it, as I now do.

I had tinkered with WordPress themes as I was building the web site, but once I came across Thesis I deleted everything related to my earlier blog from the server and started over clean with the newly updated WordPress platform and the fantastic Thesis theme. It had been the most effective move I ever made.

Now I've a Thesis theme running on the WordPress platform as a weblog for my homepage sitting along with my website. I wasted nothing and gained everything. The article sites are happier, I'm happier, and with time I really hope to develop happy subscribers to my new blog. You see all three tools interact beautifully when used in the best order and combination. Check it out - and enjoy.

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